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Our Mission
Adam's Army is a charitable organization in which its main mission is too financially relieve some of the worry from cancer families.

We help families whose children are undergoing cancer treatment. Start by filling out an application form, if selected for approval, we will help you pay a bill during the tough times.

Adam's dream was to help families just like his, and as his family, we are honoured to continue his dream since he is no longer able.

How does someone apply? Just fill out an application form, whether it is for you or for a friend, and send it in by email to

How weve helped so far..


Families Helped to date

We believe the world is one big family, and we need to help each other.


Est. Financial Support Provided to date

We help families in need when ever possible by either catching them up on outstanding bills, or relieving some financial stress in many ways. 

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